Shortlisted Abstracts

Conference Title                      4th Academic International Conference on Business, Marketing and Management
Conference Dates                     17th-19th July 2017
Deadline for Abstract               19th June 2017
Venue                                       Harvard University, Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA
Updated on 18th June 2017

1.       Prof. Sayma Zia, Assistant Professor, Bahria University Karachi Campus, Etiological factors behind Gender discrimination.  Additional Paper Acceptance: Gender Equality as a catalyst for Human Development Index: An explanatory study on selected Asian countries and top ranked countries in Human Development Index

2.       Dr. Esther Bahat, Professor, University of Haifa, Using person-organization fit for human resources management. 

3.       Dr. Bahareh Zare, Researcher, university kebengsaan Malaysia, Personality Traits, Probability of Marital Infidelity and Risk of Divorce. 

4.       Ms. Shanshan Lu, Phd Student, University of Science and Technology of China, Evaluating the media reputation of marathon title sponsors from a perspective of strategic event system. 

5.       Dr. Mohamed Bilal Basha, Faculty, Higher College of Technology, What drives UAE buyers towards organic food product? An experimental study. Co-Author(s): Dr. Mohd Farid Shamsudin, Senior lecturer, Universiti of Kuala lumpur

6.       Prof. Michael Cant, Professor, University of South Africa, Level of Awareness of Google Adwords by Accommodation Establishments in South Africa: Cause For Concern? Additional Paper Acceptance: The availability of Infrastructure in the Townships: Is there hope for Township SMMEs?

7.       Ms. Thi Kieu Oanh Dang, Phd Student, National Cheng Kung University, Ethnic division of labor in Taiwanese-owned factories in Binh Duong province, Vietnam. 

8.       Ms. Nidhi Kaushal, Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Tecchnology Roorkee, India, Conceptualizing the Literary Study of Primal Ethics with Management. Co-Author(s):  Dr. Sanjit Mishra

9.       Mr. Joel Bigley, Assistant Professor of School of Business, California Baptist University, Situational Environment Scanning Frameworks to Optimize Strategic Enactment. 

10.   Dr. Guan-Chih Chen, Assistant Professor, Dhurakij Pundit University, Evaluation of Financial and Business Performance of Non-Life Insurance Industry in Taiwan from 2012 to 2015. 

11.   Dr. Guan-Chih Chen, Assistant Professor, Dhurakij Pundit University, The Association between Social Economic Development and Criminal Rate in TaiwanAn Empirical Study prior and post the Financial Tsunami

12.   Dr. Faryal Salman, Assistant Professor, DHA Suffa Univesity, A discussion on the connection between Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) and National Culture Theory (NCT). Co-Author(s):  Dr Huma Amir, Assistant Professor

13.   Prof. Ming-Hsien Yang, Professor, Fu Jen Catholic University, Customer Relationship and Trust: Customer Role as a Moderator. Co-Author(s):  Chang-Tang Chiang

14.   Ms. Sania Moazzam, Mphil Student & Junior Teaching Fellow, Lahore School of Economics, Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Caller Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Business-to-Business Context. 

15.   Mr. Ahmed AL-Dulaimi, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, Griffith University, Is the legislative omission a constitutional dilemma? 

16.   Mrs. Arezoo Nakhaei, Phd Student, Massey University, Green products and consumers’ purchase intention in Iran. 

17.   Ms. Aimen Wali, Lecturer, Researcher, Lahore school of Economics, The Impact of Price Promotion on Brand Loyalty: Evidence from Pakistani Shampoo Industry. 

18.   Dr. Peter Okpamen, Lecturer, Ambrose Alli Universit,  Application of Quantitative and Ex-post Facto Research Methodology in Corporate Borrowing in Nigeria: Empirical Evidence. 

19.   Dr. Ching-Hua Lu, Post Doctoral Researcher, Tunghai University, From General to Hospital: A service experience engineering method for aligning an ageing friendly hospital with urban area. Co-Author(s):  Dr. Ying-Chyi Chou, Professor

20.   Dr. Ying-Chyi Chou, Professor and Vice Dean, Tunghai University, From General to Hospital: A service experience engineering method for aligning an ageing friendly hospital with urban area. Dr. Ching-Hua Lu

21.   Mr. Muhammad Jahangir, PhD Scholar/Lecturer, National University of modern Languages, Impact of Learning Organization on Job Satisfaction: An Empirical Study of Telecommunication Companies of Pakistan. Co-Author(s):  Rauza Waheed, PhD Scholar/Lecturer

22.   Mr. Sam Chintha, Senior Lecturer, Majan University College, Impact of bank specific and macroeconomic determinants on the financial performance of commercial banks - an evidence from MSM listed banks in sultanate of Oman. 


24.   Ms. Kavya Shah, Student, Symbiosis International University, Strategic Brand Management. 

25.   Dr. Edy Santoso, Senior Lecturer, Nusantara Islamic University, Consumer Protection in Online Banking Transaction through E-Verification. 

26.   Ms. Romesa Hussain, MS Scholar, Bahria University, Islamabad, Impact of Dividend Policy on Price- Earnings Ratio. Co-Author(s):  Sadia Rauf

27.   Ms. Ayesha Rehman, MS Scholar, Bahria University, Islamabad, Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm’S Financial Performance. Co-Author(s): Kiran Khaliq

28.   Dr. Iskander Zouaghi, Assistant Professor, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique, Supply Chain Intelligence: from information source identification to decision shaping. Co-Author(s): Dr. Abderrazak Laghouag, Assistant Professor

29.   Mr. Jorin Scott, Doctoral Student, Colorado Technical University, A qualitative study on effective strategy development on the Chinese Consumer in the Consumer Product Industry. 

30.   Ms. Madiha Rashid, Teaching Fellow, Lahore School of Economics, Relationship between Trade liberalization and Inflation. 

31.   Ms. Amna Rasheed, MS student, Institute of Business and Management, An Empirical Study of Moderating Impact of Self Construal on the Relationship Between Servant Leadership and Employee Innovative Work Behavior: Evidence From Banking Industry. Co-Author(s): Rab Nawaz Lodhi, Abdul Hannan

32.   Dr. Zaid Ahmad Ansari, Associate Professor, Qassim University, Navigation Versus E-Interactivity in Online Store. 

33.   Mr. Mustafa Amir Zia, Student, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Transformational Leadership and Employee Creativity: The Mediating Role of Intrinsic Motivation and Moderating Roles of Employee Relational Identification and Employee Empowerment. 

34.   Dr. Waseem Hassan, Assistant Professor, National University of Sciences and Technology, Impact of After Sales Services on Pre-purchase Dissonance, Customer Satisfaction and Brand Trust: A Study of Home Appliances Industry in Pakistan. Co-Author(s): Rizwan Shabbir; and Muhammad Awais Gulzar

35.   Mr. Usman Shehzad, Masters Student, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Evaluating The Factors Influencing Online Purchase Acceptance Among Pakistani Consumer. 

36.   Mr. Haziq Sheikh, Masters Student, Xi'an Jiaotong University, A study on the capacitated vehicle routing problem with the consideration of fuel consumption.

37.   Mr. Usman Shehzad, Masters Student, Xi'an Jiaotong University, An Environmental Management through Green Banking. 

38.   Mr. Chintan Kothari, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Retailers perception about Non-Carbonated Soft-drinks in Selected cities of Gujarat. 

39.   Ms. Malvika Advani, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Crony Capitalism In India- A Comprehensive Study on Pre and Post Liberalization Period. 

40.   Mr. Mohit Asnani, Final Year Student of BBA Hons, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, An Analytical Study on the Prospect of a Successful  Low-Cost Long Haul Airline in India. 

41.   Mr. Aayush Patel, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Supply Chain Management and Environmental Issues in Food Processing Industries in India. 

42.   Mr. Nicholas Osoria, Oboh, Doctoral Student, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Roles of Positive Youth Development (PYD) in National Development: Learning from Nigerian Youths. Co-Author(s): Dr. Ismi Arif Ismail, Associate Professor; Dr. Suandi Turiman, Professor; and Dr. Kharuddin Idris, Associate Professor

43.   Dr. Ahmet Demir, Head of Business and Management Department, Ishik University, An Evaluation of Gated Communities as a Product: An Empirical Study in Sulaimaiyah, Iraq. Co-Author(s): Mustafa Mukhlis; and Osman Durmaz

44.   Mr. Mufit Aydin, Phd Student, Research Assistant, Usak University, Analysis of Intermediary Effect of Consumer Sceptisizm in Cause Related Marketing. Co-Author(s): Hasan Huseyin Ceylan, Assoc. Professor; and Bekir Kose, Assistant Professor

45.   Ms. Deiva Vadivu Vishnu Priya, MBA Student, Amrita School of Business, Twin issues of balance sheet in India and the Economy.  

46.   Prof. Andrea Smith-Hunter, Professor of Management and Sociology, Siena College, Gender Job Satisfaction Levels and Gender Role Perceptions: A Look at Pre and Post 2008 Recession Data. Co-Author(s):  Frederick DeCasperis, Professor; Jim Nolan, Professor; and Manimoy Paul, Associate Professor

47.   Prof. Dong Woo Ko, Assistant Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Consumers' Product Experience and Selection of Information.  

48.   Mr. H.R.Noel Van Erp, Researcher/PhD, Technical University Delft, Decision Theory/Micro-Economics/Behavioural Economics. Co-Author(s):  R.O. Linger; and P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder