Conference Topics

Conference Title                     3rd International Conference on Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Sciences (ICSEES)
Conference Dates                    29th-31st July 2019
Deadline for Abstract               24th June 2019
Venue                                      Harvard University, Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA

ICSEES 2019 encourage submissions within environmental sciences, energy, and sustainability, and across a variety of fields such as economic sustainability, socio-cultural sustainability, environmental, food and heal sustainability, energy efficiency, environmental management and modelling.  Papers may address, but are not restricted to, the main theme from any of the following sub-themes. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable.   


  • Sustainability Policy and Practice 
  • Sustainable Development and Education 
  • Sustainable Mobility Solutions 
  • Economic Growth and Sustainability 
  • Indicators of Sustainability 
  • Innovation and Sustainability 
  • Socio-Cultural Sustainability 
  • Sustainable Mobility 
  • Urban and Rural Planning 
  • Living and Sustainability 
  • Smart Cities 
  • Environmental, Food and Health Sustainability 
  • Sustainability and Business


  • Environmental Science and Technology 
  • Health and Environment 
  • Bio-engineering 
  • Eco-technology 
  • Environmental Management 
  • Climate Change 
  • Pollution Management 
  • Environmental Risk Management 
  • Environment Analysis and Monitoring 
  • Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering 
  • Water Quality Control and Modelling 
  • Land Resources Environment and Management 
  • Environmental Rehabilitation Engineering  

Environmental Sustainability

  • Management of Hazardous Solid Waste 
  • Waste Minimisation 
  • Solid Waste Management 
  • Air Emission Trading 
  • Air pollution and control 
  • Industrial waste water treatment 
  • Storm Water Management 
  • Ground Water Management 
  • Wastewater engineering and management 
  • Hazardous Substances and detection techniques 
  • Soil decontamination 
  • Ecosystems Management and Restoration 


  • Renewable resources of energy and energy savings 
  • Green Energy technologies 
  • Renewable Energy Resources 
  • Energy Engineering 
  • Energy Policy, Planning and Management 
  • Power Generation 
  • Energy Technology 
  • Energy Storage 
  • Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydropower 
  • Nuclear Energy 
  • Green Buildings 
  • Biomass and Biofuels 
  • Energy Risk Assessment Methods and Analysis 
  • Energy Modelling 
  • Energy Efficiency: Challenges and Policies 
  • Energy and Environmental Projects Analysis 
  • Climate Change and the Energy Sector 
  • Commodity and Financial Directives Markets for Energy 
  • Energy and Transport 


  • Environmental Economics
  • Environment and Social Sustainability
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Environment and Culture
  • Environment and Social Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Accounting