Shortlisted Abstracts

Conference Title                            International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Marketing
Conference Dates                          15th -17th August 2016 
Deadline for abstract/proposal      18th July 2016 
Venue                                            University of OxfordThe Queens's College, Oxford United Kingdom 
Updated on 24th July 2016

1.       Dr. Osarumwense Iguisi, Lecturer, University of Benin, Culture Dimensions Supporting Subgroup Entrepreneurs in Nigerian Business Environment. Co-Author(s) Lawal Bamidele

2.       Mr. Joyce Ayeni, PhD student, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Migration: A Propelling Force towards Progression or Retrogression. 

3.       Ms. Noor Sabaruddin, PhD Student, Glasgow Caledonian University, The internationalisation of foreign luxury fashion retailers in Malaysia: motivations, market entry, marketing strategies and key success factors.. 

4.       Mr. Panji Raga, Student, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Xonophobia in South Africa : Pressure Related to immigration. Co-Author(s) Nurdiniah Andesita Hamzah

5.       Dr. Alireza Bafandeh Zendeh, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Tabriz branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran, Industrial Attractiveness: position or Behavior. 

6.       Mr. Basharat Naeem, Senior Research Officer, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Driving Sales Force Performance through Optimistic Sub-cultural Control: Mediating Effects of Creativity and Intrinsic Motivation. 

7.       Mrs. Salome Ighomereho, Lecturer 1, Redeemer's University, The Impact of Brand Communication on Market Penetration and Development of Infant Food and Toddler (IFT) Products in Nigeria. Co-Author(s) Dr P.K.A. Ladipo and Prof. O.L. Kuye

8.       Mr. Amar Moorjani, Assistant Professor, G.D. Memorial College, Variations in the Value of Rupee & Effect on Indian Economy.. 

9.       Dr. Patrick Ladipo, Senior Lecturer, University of Lagos, The Impact of Brand Communication on Market Penetration and Development of Infant Food and Toddler (IFT) Products in Nigeria. Co-Author(s) Prof. L.O. Kuye

10.   Dr. Dwi Wulandari, Associate Professor, Universitas Negeri Malang, The Knowledge And Perception of Moslem University Students About Islamic Economics. Co-Author(s) Bagus Shandy Narmaditya

11.   Mr. Ahmed Rashed, Teaching Assistance, Cairo University, Ownership Structure and investment efficiency. 

12.   Mr. Daniyal Baig, Research Associate, Bahria University Islamabad Pakistan, Identification of Critical Success factors for CM implementation in Public Sector Engineering Organizations of Pakistan. Co-Author(s) Mehak Asghar

13.   Dr. Osama Abouelela, Lecturer, Alexandria University, Analytical Study for the Information Content of Cash Flows Statement and Accounting Earning on the Stock Market Activity Applied Study on Banking Sector in Egypt.. 

14.   Ms. Maham Khalid, Associate Professor, Bahria University, Impact of Probabilistic Risk Analysis on Small Engineering Firms. Co-Author(s) DR Hafiz Mushtaq

15.   Mr. Innocent Chukwujiume Omeje, Lecturer, Institute of Management and Technology, Public Governance as a Catalyst for Accountability in Nigeria.. 

16.   Dr. Oriah Akir, Senior Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi MARA Sarawak, A Competitive Entrepreneurial Extended Model. Co-Author(s) Dr. Tang Howe Eng, Senior Lecturer

17.   Mrs. Helen Ajagu, Lecturer, Institute of Management and Technology, Management Training and Development in Nigerian Organization. 

18.   Mrs. Dalila Goran, PhD Candidate, University of Sarajevo, Analysis of the Service Quality Expectations and Perception in Higher Education Institutions. 

19.   Mr. Muhammad Mohsin Hakeem, Doctoral Student, Tohoku University, Foreign Portfolio Investment and Economy: The Network Perspective. Co-Author(s) Dr. ken-ichi Suzuki, Associate Professor

20.   Prof. Ngouhouo Ibrahim, Associate Professor (Vice Dean), University Of Dschang, Domestic investment led-growth hypothesis: Evidence from Cameroon. Co-Author(s) Etah Ewane

21.   Dr. Ditimi Jonathan, Assistant Professor, Federal university Oye-Ekiti, The Relationship between Interest Rate and Stock Market Performance in Nigeria. Co-Author(s) Akanni Ayobami

22.   Dr. Parul Mittal, Assistant Professor, KLP College, Impact of SHG Programme on Socio-Economic Empowerment: A Micro Level Study in India.

23.   Dr. Taghreed Abu Salim, Assistant Professor, University of Wollongong Dubai, Contract Management process for Picture Archiving and Communication System PACS in a performance-based contract (PBC):Establishing and managing pay per study contract for PACS. 

24.   Dr. Francisco Ramos, Professor, University of the East Philippines, Strategic Operations Management of the Destinations in the Philippines by Foreign Guests: A Tourism Guideline. 

25.   Mr. Samuel Okoro, Lecturer and Director Academic Planning, Abia State College of Education (Tech.), Total Factor Productivity and Economic Growth in Nigeria. Co-Author(s) Mrs Nnennaya Samuel Okoro

26.   Dr. Magdy Mahmoud, Assistant Professor, Taif University, Extended-Orthogonal Space Time Block Codes with Feedback and Antenna Selection. Co-Author(s) Nasr Eltyabe

27.   Dr. Magdy Mahmoud, Assistant Professor, Taif University, Urban satellite images classification using a hybrid SVM and multi-instance learning paradigm. Co-Author(s) Selim Hemissi

28.   Mr. Gokhan Ovenc, Research Assistant, Istanbul Technical University, Cross Border Liability and Turkish Banking Performance. Co-Author(s) Assistant Professor, Resul Aydemir

29.   Dr. Taghreed Abu Salim, Assistant professor, University of Wollongong Dubai, Risk and benefits of customer involvement in service design prosess. 

30.   Mr. Moazzam Jan Bakhtiar, PhD Scholar, Abasyn University (Islamabad Campus), Exploring the knot of intellectual capital on universities’ performance: Moderating role of innovative capabilities. Co-Author(s) Dr. Iffat S. Chaudhry and Malik Muhammad Irfan

31.   Mrs. Noor Hasniza Haron, Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Agency problem, risk of expropriation, managerial process and sustainability of company performance. Co-Author(s) Dr. Nor Ashikin Haji Ismail, Associate Prof.

32.   Mr. Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, Lecturer, Asian University for Women, Female Employment: A Way to National Wellbeing. 

33.   Prof. Sang Soo Lim, Assistant Professor, Chosun University, Do local governments complets? – the Korea’s case. Co-Author(s) Kim, Pilhyun

34.   Dr. Rita R. Pidani, Lecturer, University of Newcastle - Singapore, Does International Competition Enhance Capacity Utilisation? An evidence from Manufacturing Small And Medium Enterprises in Indonesia and Vietnam. Co-Author(s) Dr Amir Mahmood, Professor

35.   Mrs. Katarzyna Januszkiewicz, Assistant Professor, University of Lodz, The determinants and consequences of The Flexible Organizational Behaviour of Employees (FOBE). 

36.   Prof. Des Raj, Professor, Government PG College, A Study of E-Banking in India:- With Special Reference to New Private Sector Banks.

37.   Dr. Izabela Bednarska-Wnuk, Assistant Professor, University of Lodz, The importance of intra-organizational reallocation in professional development of employee. 

38.   Mr. Aasim Farooq, MS Scholar, University of Engineering and Technology, Effective Facebook Advertising and its impact on Young Consumers Attitude and Intention. Co-Author(s) Dr. Muhammad Fiaz

39.   Prof. Myrto Elisabeth Leiss, Professor, University of Applied Sciences Hamm-Lippstadt, Evidence Based Human Resource Management and E-Recruitment: Too much Contradiction or Complementary Paradigms? Co-Author(s) Prof. Eva Ponick

40.   Mrs. Marzouq AL-Qeed, Associate Professor, WISE University, The Impact of Customer Relationship Management on Achieving Service Quality of Banking Sector of Jordan. 

41.   Mr. Titus. O Sanyaolu, Chief Lecturer, Marketing, Lagos State Polytechnic, Fostering Rural Development Through Building Tourism Destinations. 

42.   Ms. Shorena Tielidze, , Ministry of Health Georgia, Employment Challenges in Georgia. Co-Author(s) Nugzar Paichadze, Eka Chokheli, Giuli Keshelashvili, Manana Kharkheli and Giorgi Tchuradze

43.   Mrs. Ayesha Manzoor, PhD Candidate, Jönköping University, Determinants of Salesperson Performance in Selling New Products. Co-Author(s) Kiran Manzoor, PhD Candidate

44.   Mr. Wissawas Thongteerapharb, Lecturer, Silpakorn University, The marketing mix factors influencing consumer’s decision to purchase clean food: a case of consumers in Bangkok, Thailand. 

45.   Ms. Sharanya Mukherjee, Student, Hidayatullah National Law University, Deliberating over unanswered questions- Copyright Protection for the Artificially Intelligent Author?. Co-Author(s) Prachi Golechha

46.   Prof. Oscar Briones, Professor, Universidad de Especialidades Espiritu Santo, Diminishing Uncertainty in Agrochemicals with Financial Derivatives. Co-Author(s) Gabriela Torres Mr. Isaac Ohene-Agyei, Chartered Economists, Chartered Institute of Economists Ghana, Inflation, exchange rate and growth dynamics in Ghana. 

47.   Prof. Chan-Guk Huh, Professor, Chungnam National University, Do Hallyu (Korean wave) exports promote Korea’s consumption goods exports?. Co-Author(s) Wu Jie and Sun Fulai

48.   Dr. Jaruwan Daengbuppha, Director of Centre of Excellence for Tourism Management Research, Naresuan University, Defining effective human resources catering hospitable experience to guests; a case study of Luxury Hotels in Thailand. 

49.   Dr. Yazeed Alhezzani, Researcher, Oxford Bodleian Libraries, Dual Transformation, Common Recipients, and Double Salience: Understanding Change Recipients in Times of Dual Organisational Changes. 

50.   Dr. Joanna Samul, Assistant Professor, Bialystok University of Technology, Human Capital and Organizational Performance: The Mediating Role of Leadership. 

51.   Ms. Zareefa Hasan, Student, Aligarh Muslim University, Cosmeceutical Consumption Behaviour amongst Males in Indian Market- Analysis of Determinants and Influencing Factors. Co-Author(s) Dr. Abdullah Bin Junaid, Assitant Professor, Saudi Electronic University

52.   Dr. Shridevi Patted, Assistant Professor of Commerce Department of Commerce, Government First Grade College, Teaching Entrepreneurship In Rural Colleges: An Experiential Learning. 

53.   Mrs. Reyce Babaran, Student, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Innovative Strategies in Teaching English for a Holistic Learning  Adopted by the Grade V Teachers in Lucena West District. 

54.   Ms. Anum Saleem, Director, Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Socio-Economic Correlates of Poverty in Pakistan. Co-Author(s) Dr. Zahir Faridi, Professor

55.   Ms. Hlompo Panelope Maruping, Lecturer, North West University Mafikeng Campus, The Relationship between Financial Innovation and the Effectiveness of Commodity Prices in South Africa. Co-Author(s) Prof. Itumeleng Pleasure Mongale

56.   Dr. Mahalingesh Shollapur, Professor & Director-MBA, Siddaganga Institue of Technology, Tumkur, Karnataka, India, Impact of BREXIT on globalization: Reversing the irreversible. 

57.   Dr. Linval Frazer, Assistant Professor, State University of New York, Internal Control: Is it a Benefit or Fad to Small Companies? A Literature Dependency Perspective.

58.   Dr. Athar Mahmood, Assistant Professor, Jaipuia Institute of Management, Lucknow, A Comparative Analysis of Trainee and Trainers Perceptions regarding training programmes in Banking Sector. 

59.   Dr. Kwami Adanu, Senior Lecturer, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Growth Constraints on Tilapia Fish Farming in Ghana – Leveraging Risk Analyses to Support Pooled Investment Vehicles. 

60.   Dr. Naimat U. Khan, Assistant Professor, University of Peshawar, Impact of Taxation on Dividend Policy on the Karachi Stock Exchange. Co-Author(s) Qurat Ul Ain Shah Jehan

61.   Dr. Patrick Daly, Director, Limerick City/County Council, Total Business Modelling for Entrepreneurs- Valuing the Assumption/Knowledge Axis. 

62.   Dr. Codrin Chiru, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Royal Agricultural University, The agency dilemma in the ready to drink protein shakes market segment. An investigation with young British consumers. Co-Author(s) Finlay Coham-Maclaren

63.   Prof. H Funda Yercan, Professor, Gediz University, Disruptive Innovation against Sustainable Marketing: Analysis of a Worldwide Case. Co-Author(s) M Alemtac Yercan, University of Southampton, graduate

64.   Mr. Sahban Tariq Malik, Graduate Student, Marmara University, Global Tranmission of Stock Market Movement: Evidence from 2008 Financial Crisis. 

65.   Mr. Rodolfo Delgado, Junior Associate Professor, Tokai University, Organizational Cultural Change, Challenges, and Opportunities to Building Multicultural Teams for Japanese Private Universities. 

66.   Dr. Sofia Mouhallab, PhD Student, Wuhan University of Technology, the most important objective in this work is to study how we can check out if an enterprise in a developing country as Morocco can be qualified as an SME by listing the best way to define an SME in such country. Co-Author(s) Prof. Wei Jianguo, Professor

67.   Mr. Joerg Bueechl, PhD Student, Tuebingen University, The Integration of Organizational Justice and Social Exchange in an International Context. 

68.   Dr. Pragya Singh, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Strategic Brand Management : A Case Study of the Oldest Living City in India (Varanasi). 

69.   Ms. Nawt Almutairi, Research Student, University of Reading, The Effect of Instagram on Buying Decision: A Case Study of Saudi Customers. Co-Author(s) Prof. Richard Bennett

70.   Mr. Syed Imran Ali, PhD Student, Aberystwyth University, Cloud-based Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) Framework for Fault identification in distributed manufacturing. Co-Author(s) Professor Michael Christie and Dr. Abdilahi Ali

71.   Mr. Md. Jobair Alam, Ph.D Candidate, Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, The Compatibility Of Myanmar’S National Laws To International Law: The Rohingyans’ Right To Citizenship In Context. 

72.   Mr. Rahul Nirankari, Student, Hidayatullah National Law University, Future of Corporate Social Responsibility- In Light Of Human Trafficking and Corruption. Co-Author(s) Ms. Ayushi Upadhyay

73.   Dr. Chiegboka Nneamaka, Lecturer, Federal University of Technology, Fungi and Bacteria Implicated in Biodeterioration of Painted Surfaces Within Federal University of Technology Owerri. Imo State. Nigeria. 

74.   Ms. Venus Velasco, Legislative Researcher, City Government of Cabuyao Laguna, Sex as a Legal Commodity : Decriminalizing Prostitution in the Philippines. 

75.   Ms. Radhika Indapurkar, LLM Student, National University of Singapore, Adequacy of Damages for Breach of Contract for Sale of Land - Arguing for change in the Indian law. 

76.   Ms. Ankita Roychoudhury, Student, Symbiosis Law School, Philip Morris International v. Australian Government: A million dollar failure. Co-Author(s) Mr. Pradnyesh Lokegaonkar

77.   Mrs. Chinawa Anthonia Tochukwu, Lecturer, Institute Of Management And Technology, (IMT), The Effect/Role of Law in the Fight Against Corruption in Nigeria. 

78.   Ms. Jenny Poon, PhD Candidate, Western University, (Re)inventing the Dublin System: Addressing Uniformity and Harmonization through Non-Refoulement Obligations. 

79.   Mr. Ryan Bellissimo, Scholar, Claremont McKenna College, The Forgotten Generation: A Solution to the Rejection of Mixed-Motivation Claims under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. 

80.   Mr. Abheesht Tiwari, Student, Hidayatullah National Law University, The Right to Speedy Trial: The Indian Constitution Under the Lens- An International Comparative Perspective. Co-Author(s) Sharanya Mukherjee

81.   Dr. Rami Olwan, Assistant Professor, Sharjah University, Rethinking Limitations and Exceptions to Author’s Rights in UAE Federal Copyright Law

82.   Mr. Syed Taqi, Research Associate, Comsats Institute of Information Technology, Comparative Study of Estimators of Population Means in Two Phase Sampling in the Presence of Non-Response. Co-Author(s) Muhammad Ismail

83.   Ms. Anna Kim, M.Phil Scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Pharmaceuticals and the TRIPS Regime: Case Study of India. 

84.   Dr. Janis Judson, Professor of Law, Hood College, A US Truth and Reconciliation Commission: American Indian Atrocities and Human Rights. 

85.   Mrs. Erika Louise Bastos Calazans, Postdoctoral fellow, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in the Mining Sector: A Comparative Analysis of Brazil and Canada. 

86.   Ms. Ulfa Febryanti Zain, Postgraduate Student, Lancaster University, The Legality of Indonesia Mining Law in the World Trade Organization Legal Framework on Raw Material Export Restriction. 

87.   Mr. Usman Ibrahim, Lecturer, Bayero University, Practice of Immunization, Child health and Survival in Awe Local Government Area, Nasarawa State. 

88.   Dr. Stacy Kosko, Assistant Research Professor, University of Maryland, The Recognition Gap: Why Labels Matter in Human Rights Protection. 

89.   Ms. Afua Manko Abedi-Lartey, PhD Student, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Revisiting the Concept of Politics-Administration Dichotomy in the Practice of Public Administration in Ghana.. 

90.   Mrs. Prischa Listiningrum, Postgraduate Student (LLM in International Law), University of Edinburgh, Legal Frameworks for securing the Sustainability of Small-Scale Fisheries: a Comparative Analysis of Indonesia and Philippines. Co-Author(s) Mr. Rizqi Bachtiar, MPA Student  University of Birmingham

91.   Mr. Olusola Adegbite, Lecturer, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria., Legal Regulation of Organ Commodification and Trafficking in Nigeria - A Call for Reforms.. 

92.   Mr. Muhammad Yahdi Salampessy, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, Adat Law Society and The Rights Over Natural Resources: Institution and the Management of Sasi In Maluku Indonesia. 

93.   Mr. Antom Vanen, Lecturer 2, Nigeria Police Academy, Appraisal of the Rules of Engagement and Human Rights during Insurgency and Other Internal Conflicts in Nigeria.. 

94.   Dr. Daehee Kim, Researcher, Korea Institute of Sport Science, Hosting Olympic Games and Development of National Law. 

95.   Dr. Sebastian Valdes De Ferari, Science-Judge/Science-Advisor, Universidad de Chile, The Specialized-Mixed Environmental Courts in Chile: The Role of Science in Assessing the Legal Foundations of Claims and Suits. Co-Author(s) Ricardo Serrano, Adjunct Professor

96.   Mr. Philip Oamen, Lecturer, Ambrose Alli University, Justiciability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Nigeria: A Call to Follow Global Trends. 

97.   Ms. Anna Pieniazek, PhD Student, University of Gdańsk, Disparities between Polish and English contracts of employment of Polish Consulate's staff in relations to their entitlement to annual leave and public holidays'.. 

98.   Mrs. Latifah Alabdulqader, PhD Candidate, Brunel University, The visibility of consumer protection under sharia contract law: a comparative study of contractual justice in sharia and English law. 

99.   Mr. César Montealegre Gómez, PhD Student, University of Philosophy La Laguna, Common-Pool Resources of Pharmaceutical Health Capabilities: A New Ethical Structure of Pharmaceutical Industry. 

100.  Mr. Pulkit Popli, Student (LLB), RGSOIPL, IIT Kharagpur, Understanding the concept of originality in civil law and common law jurisdiction. Co-Author(s) Anuska Mohapatra (LLM Student)

101.  Mr. Henry Uzokwe, Doctoral Researcher, Brunel University, The Central Bank’s Role in Consumer protection: A Possible Model for Nigeria. 

102. Mr. Ahmad Amiruddin, Postgraduate Master Programme (LLM), University of Leeds, How Banks Economize on Equity under Basel III. 

103.   Ms. Miriam Aczel, Ph.D. Candidate, Imperial College London, A comparison of the regulatory framework governing environmental and public health risks of hydraulic fracturing in the UK and US. 

104.   Mr. Kamal K K Heawawasam R, PhD Student, Qeensland University of Technology (QUT), How organizational culture within the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) affects compliance with the refugee convention: case study of Sri Lanka. 

105.  Ms. Junru Liu, Ph.D Candidate, The University of Hong Kong, Cultural-Rights-Based-Approaches to Reconcile Cultural Diversity and Trade Liberalization in International Trade of Cultural Products. 

106.   Dr. Milos Deset, Assistent Professor, Trnava University in Trnava, Faculty of Law, Terrorism Prevention. 

107.    Prof. Jo-Hui Chen, Professor, Chung Yuan Christian University, The Spillover Effect and Forecasting Seasonal ARMA- A-PARCH : Utilities Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).Co-Author(s) Dr. Maya Malinda