FAQ’s | Virtual Academic Conference

How do I register to attend the conference?

Registration to attend a conference can be made either online through the conference website, or by downloading and sending the duly filled and completed registration form to submit@flelearning.ca by email and to +1 604 757 0701 by fax. For further information about registration, please click here

How can I pay my registration fee?

Delegates can select their preferred method of payment, either telegraphic transfer or payment by credit or debit card, in the registration form. Once the registration form is received, we will email you our bank details to transfer the registration fee, or email you our proforma e-invoice using PayPal to allow you to pay using a debit or credit card. PayPal invoice charges and transaction charges will be paid by the delegate. For further information, please click here

What is included in the virtual conference registration fee?

Virtual conference registration fee includes virtual participation in the conference, publication of the contribution, and conference attendance e-certificate.

Whether the taxes are included in the registration fee?

All fees is inclusive of Canada taxes (GST/HST), where it is applicable.

Which modes of presentation are allowed in the virtual LIVE conference?

For your virtual live presentation, we will use live virtual conference software to connect all delegates on a single platform.  While presenting virtually, you can share your computer screen either use PowerPoint or Prezi . We also encourage Poster Presentations in our conferences.

How to present my research if I have limited IT resources?

If you have limited IT resources, we offer you to present your research paper/abstract through pre-recorded poster/PowerPoint presentation. Once your abstract/research proposal is officially accepted by the conference committee, you have to register for the conference by paying an appropriate registration fee. For your virtual pre-recorded presentation, we will play your pre-recorded (audio/video) poster or PowerPoint presentation in your allocated slot. After the conference, we will publish your abstract/paper in the conference proceedings and upload  your pre-recorded poster/PowerPoint presentation on our publication site.

How to get hard copy of the certificate?

To get hard copy of the certificate, we request you to pay postage charges along with your registration fee.

Does my co-author need to register for the conference separately?

If the co-author of your paper is also attending and/or presenting in the conference, he/she needs to register for the conference separately by filling in the separate registration form and paying the appropriate registration fee.

How to become a Keynote Speaker?

To be considered as a keynote speaker, you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1:You have to submit your short proposal/abstract between 300 to 500 words, clearly summarizing the research that you intend to present at the conference as a keynote speaker. Click here to Download ABSTRACT SUBMISSION or complete it ONLINE.

Step 2:The conference committee will consider the submitted abstract. The committee normally reaches its decision within two weeks after abstract submission and we will issue you abstract acceptance letter to apply for university grant or funding.

Step 3:Please register for the conference and tick on the first page of the application form stating – ‘consider me as a keynote speaker’. You should also submit your CV along with the application, if interested to be considered as a keynote speaker.

Please note that Keynote Speaker is responsible to open and close the conference. Decision on the request to be a keynote speaker is at the complete discretion of the conference organising committee. Decision on the keynote speaker request will be confirmed 15 days before the conference.

How to become a Committee/Editorial Board Member?

To join us as a committee/board member, kindly CLICK HERE to complete the ‘Get Involved Form’. After reviewing your submitted form, we will bring you on board as a committee member and/or editorial board member. Being a committee/board member, you may be asked to review up to three (3) abstracts during the abstract reviewing period and two (2) papers during the papers reviewing period in a year.

FLE Learning will award your contribution to the Conference by issuing a certificate and will attribute public acknowledgments by publishing your name in the List of Reviewers and Editorial Board Members at the website, the Conference Proceedings and e-journal.

Is FLE Learning affiliated to the universities and/or hotels in which the conferences/events are organised?

Please note that FLE Learning is a trading name of FLE Learning Ltd, which is a registered company in the UK that contracts with universities and/or hotels for the use of their facilities, but which has no formal connection with any of these universities and/or hotels. FLE Learning is not a part of, or otherwise affiliated, to any university or hotel, nor our conferences/events are sponsored or organised by any university.