Shortlisted Abstracts

  • Conference Title:

    3rd International Conference on Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Sciences

  • Conference Dates:

    29th-31st, July 2019

  • Deadline for Abstract:

    24th June 2019

  • Venue:

    Harvard University, Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA

Updated on 5th July 2019

  1. Olusegun IGE, Lecturer, College of Education, Pursuance of Sustainable World through Educational Marketing in Nigeria.
  2. Timinepere Court, Lecturer, Isaac Jasper Boro College of Education, Entrepreneurial ecosystem, intentions and activities in Sub Saharan African context.
  3. Peter Dimo, Lecturer, University of Zululand, Participating in organ donation: Issues among black South Africans.
  4. Michelle Micah Augustine, MSc Student, University of Kwazulu-Natal, Narrative Function of Public Meeting Places in Uzalo Soap Opera.
  5. Eissa Al Khotaba, Associate Professor, The University of Tabuk, The Coefficient between Medical College Faculty Members’ Assessment and Students’ Achievement When Using Blended Curriculum.
  6. Martyna Kostrzewska, PhD Student, University of Szczecin, Behavioural Theory of Consumer Choice and its Macroeconomic Significance. Co-Author(s): Daria Wrukowska
  7. Daria Wrukowska, PhD Student, University of Szczecin, Transformation of Information Society into Knowledge Society. Co-Author(s): Martyna  Kostrzewska
  8. Arlene Joaquin, PhD Student, VIT University, Efficiency of Natural Coagulant for Treatment of Municipal Wastewater. Co-Author(s): Dr. G.S Nirmala, Associate Professor, SCHEME, VIT
  9. Mujahid Farid, Lecturer, University of Gujrat, Glutamic Acid Assisted Phyto-management of Chromium Contaminated Soil through Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). Co-Author(s): Dr. Shafaqat Ali
  10. Tito Francisco Ianda, PhD Student, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Optimizing Biofuel Production in Sub-Saharian Africa. Co-Author(s): Dr. Ademar Nogueira do Nascimento
  11. Patricia Adrianne Arcelo, Technical Assistant, Office of the President of the Philippines, Viewing Land Reclamation Through A Sociological Lens: The Production of Space in Freedom Islands.
  12. Patrick Ekpenyong Eyamba, PhD Student, Grine American University, Determinants of Innovation across Nigeria Enterprises: Does Size and Region Matter? Co-Author(s): Seyi Olusegun Oroneye
  13. Doha Elhadidy, Teaching Assistant, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Investigating the effect of electronic word of mouth on user intention. Co-Author(s): Dr. Samadisy
  14. Alemayehu Gashaw, Lecturer, Bule Hora University, Biogas production from co-digestion of vegetable wastes and Khat edulis leaves leftover with cow dung. Co-Author(s): Girma Sisay (MSc), Bule Hora University
  15. Ambrose Kwabena Amenshiah, Associate Lecturer, University of Bradford, A Strategic Approach to Local Competency Gap Reduction: The Case of the Oil and Gas Industry in Ghana. Co-Author(s): Prof. Farhad Analoui, Snr Lecturer; and Dr Joseph Kwadwo Danquah, Lecturer
  16. Hassen Hussain Altalhi, Assistant Professor, Yanbu University College, The Potential Differences of Interpersonal Conflict Management Styles between Saudi and American Students studying in USA when Dealing with Conflict.
  17. Dhoha Alsaleh, Assistant Professor, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Relationship Share an Outcome of Customer Relationship Management: A Comparative Study of Kuwait & US Firms. Co-Author(s): Dr. Ramendra Thakur
  18. Karla Ashlei Flores, Student Researcher, LORMA Basic Education Department, Disaster Preparedness of LORMA Basic Education Schools among Learners and Educators. Co-Author(s): Richard Boadilla Jr.; Cresente Agtarap; Raymark Cabanella; Aira Naomi Gaerlan; and Sean Carl Go
  19. Mutaz AlShafeey, Phd Student, Corvinus University of Budapest, A Case Study of Grid-Connected Solar Farm Control Using Artificial Intelligence Genetic Algorithm to Accommodate Peak Demand. Co-Author(s): Csáki Csaba
  20. Benaziz Salma, Professor, University Hassan Ii, The performance of Moroccan business incubators: Proposal of a measurement and control tool inspired by the Balanced Scorecard philosophy. Co-Author(s): Koubaa Salah
  21. Mansi Patel, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Source apportionment of soil pollution surrounding municipal solid waste landfill site using receptor modelling approach. Co-Author(s): Dr Dayashankar Kaul, Assistant Professor
  22. Owais Al-Graibah, Assistant Professor, Zarqa University, The Impact of Brand Attachment on Customers’ Responses to Service Failure: The Role of Failure Attributions in the Context of Airlines. Dr. Ahmed Abdalgader, Assistant Professor, Abu Dhabi University, Over All Review Performance Evaluation Faculties from the Perspectives of the Senior Administration Faculties.(Survey: Public Sudanese Universities). Co-Author(s):  Dr. Abdallah Elmahi
  23. Lma Almadani, Student, Effat University, Exploring the Relationship Between Design Thinking & Entrepreneurial Intent Among Generation Z in Saudi Arabia.
  24. Patricia Eydallin, Researcher, University of Buenos Aires, Public Finance : The role of the budget process in promoting public sector innovation.
  25. Ulfa Zhafirah, Master Student, Bandung Institute of Technology, The Influence of Social Media Advertising towards Purchase intention of E-commerce: a study among Indonesian Millenial.
  26. Ahmed Zain Elabdin, Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology of Fujairah, Managing Innovation: The need for change and Firms Practices-Case of Fujairah Emirate UAE. Co-Author(s): Dr. Gyanenandra Sisodia
  27. Mohammad Obeidat, Chair of Marketing Department, American University in DUBAI, Risk Perceptions among potential Airbnb Hosts.
  28. Sohaib Zia, Researcher, National University of Sciences and Technology, Examining Water Quality of Khanpur Dam using Physico-chemical and Microbial Parameter. Co-Author(s): Dr. Imran Hashmi, Professor
  29. Mahira Abdelshafy, Graduate Teacher Assistant, Arab Academy for Science,Technology and Maritime Transport, Investigating the impact of integrated Supply Chain forecasting on Supply Chain performance: Empirical study on the FMCGs sector in Egypt. Co-Author(s): Dr. Sara Elgazzar, Lecturer Professor
  30. Ernest Tsetse, PhD Student, University of Ghana, Review of Tourism Destination Marketing Literature from 2009 to 2017. Co-Author(s): Dr. Mahmoud Abdulai Mahmoud
  31. Ernest Tsetse, PhD Student, University of Ghana, Sustainability Stakeholder Market Orientation and Destination Performance. Co-Author(s): Dr. Mahmoud Abdulai Mahmoud
  32. Carlos Alberto Restrepo Rivillas, PhD Student, Universidad de Valencia, Institutional context, third parties and trust between managers of small and medium sized enterprises.
  33. Rehab Rayan, Researcher, Alexandria University, Climate Change Perspective on Public Health: A scope on Waterborne Diseases.
  34. Narges Fatholahi, Ph.D. Student, University of Tehran, New Modeling of Landslides with use of Remote Sensing and GIS.
  35. Arup Kumar Hazarika, Professor, Cotton University, Biodiversity conservation, livelihood issues and tourism in the world famous Kaziranga National park, Assam, India :  A Natural  World Heritage site.  
  36. Yi Xiao, Phd Student, Kevin X Li. Chung Ang University, A Game Model for the New Inspection Regime for Port State Control by Changing Punishments and Rewards.
  37. Nalukui Matakala, Professor, University of Pretoria, Evaluation of the phytostabilization potential of indigenous tree species occurring on the copper tailings storage facilities of Copperbelt Province, Zambia. Co-Author(s): Prof Paxie Chirwa; and Prof Stephen Syampunganu
  38. Muhammad Hanif, Assistant Professor, Ajman University, Portfolio Selection in South Asian Markets. Co-Author(s): Ariba Azmi
  39. Moses Kolade Ogun, Research Engineer, Hamburg University of Technology, Improvement of process efficiency in wastepaper recycling by anaerobic digestion of deinking sludge and ash utilization as a construction material. Co-Author(s): Dr. Ing Ina Körner
  40. Imran Ali, Associate Professor, King Abdulaziz University, Seeing is believing: Employees’ participation in corporate social responsibility, its influence on their perceptions of corporate hypocrisy and organizational Outcomes.
  41. Noura Elmehbad, Associate Professor, Najran University, Development of Recovery Cationic Surfactants from Waste Water By Adsorption On Zeolite.