Conference Topics

  • Conference Title:

    14th Academic International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies and Education

  • Conference Dates:

    27th-29th, March 2023

  • Deadline for Abstract:

    27th February 2023

  • Venue:

    Harvard University, Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA

14th Academic International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies and Education

AICMSE encourage submissions within multidisciplinary studies and education and across a variety of related disciplines and fields. Papers may address, but are not restricted to, the main theme from any of the following sub-themes. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable.


  • Education, Equality and Development
  • Education for inclusion and citizenship
  • Disability and inclusion in international contexts
  • Marginalised children, youth and adults’ participation in education
  • Urban and rural education
  • Human rights and international education
  • Securitizaition, surveillance and youth studies
  • Disadvantaged Youth
  • Peace and conflict studies in education
  • Migration and refugee studies in education
  • Educational Leadership and Policy
  • Evaluation and strategies for educational Change
  • Pedagogy, Language and Culture in Education
  • Pedagogy and empowerment
  • Psychology and Education
  • Science, Technology and Education
  • Education management and administration

Gender Studies

  • Gender Theory
  • Gender, Race and Nation
  • Women Literature
  • Leadership, Ethics and Democracy
  • Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • Psychology of Women
  • Ethno-Cultural Issues
  • Global Diversity
  • Women, Employment and Society
  • Social Stratification and Inequality
  • Violence

Social Justice and Sociology

  • Contemporary Social Problems
  • Comparative Societies
  • Social and Gender Stratification
  • Media, Society and Identity
  • Public Health Concepts
  • Sociology and Criminology
  • Women and Crime
  • Family violence

Interdisciplinary Environment Studies

  • Principles of Environmental Health
  • The World Environment, humans and society
  • Conservation and Sustainability of Environmental Resources
  • Environmental Policy and Management
  • Integrated Environmental Assessment methodologies
  • Geospatial technologies and their use
  • Disaster Management
  • Environmental Law and Ethics
  • Environmental Economics
  • European Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Gender, environment and development

Urban and Regional Studies

  • Urban policy and state practices on social justice and their impact
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Sustainable energy and urban transportation
  • Spatial analysis
  • Urban lives and social change
  • Urban, regional and community governance
  • Historic preservation policy and architectural analysis
  • Solid waste management
  • Infrastructure and urban systems
  • Build environment and child development


  • Ancient, Medieval and Modern Philosophy
  • Analytical Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Law and Psychology
  • Ethics and Good Life
  • Environmental Ethics; Medical Ethics; Business Ethics
  • Minds, Machines and Cognition
  • Logic and Symbolic Logic

Business Management and Law

  • Contemporary Business Issues
  • Social Justice
  • Constitutional and Administrative law
  • Employability and Professionalism
  • Contemporary Management
  • Employment Law
  • Crisis and Business Continuity Management